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How To Start a Career In Digital Marketing:10 Easy Steps

Are you asking to initiate a profession in Digital Marketing? It’s a superb choice! I can explain you this without any hesitation.

I’ve been working towards digital marketing for greater than 15 years and it’s in no way too late for anybody (with and without prior experience), to get into the thrilling world of online marketing.

The precise information is that you can learn digital marketing without following a digital marketing course at a college / university, even though there are lots of options.

You can begin a career in Digital marketing by means of building the required abilities by the use of internet assets and through serving consumers around the World from the comfort of your home.

Is digital marketing a suitable career?

Digital marketing is a exceptional profession choice. We are living in a digital world and marketing budgets are shifting towards digital advertising and marketing and away from conventional marketing channels.

Companies want to improve their online visibility and there is an accelerated demand for digital marketing jobs worldwide.

The greatest advantage of the digital marketing field that you need not to be physically present in a particular place that makes digital marketing perfect for job seekers looking to begin their personal agencies or work as full-time freelancers.

Digital Marketing Salary

For many people, it’s the salary that makes a good career, and digital marketing salaries are more than competitive.

In a recent industry survey by Credo they found that the average rate for digital marketing consultants worldwide is $141.67 per hour approx that completely depends on the year of experience in digital marketing field.

Of course, you won’t be able to charge this rate from day one, there are various factors that affect the rate like years of experience, the industry the client is in, country location, etc.

What is certain though is that there is money to be made in the digital marketing industry and the demand for digital marketing consultants is increasing very fast.

10 Steps to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Career

1. Get To Know The Basics Of Digital Marketing.

For newbies to digital marketing, the first apparent step is to understand what is digital marketing? and the essential aspects that make up digital marketing.

Digital marketing or online marketing is occasionally recognized as a system of advertising and marketing on the Internet.

It has a range of factors that cover all the areas of online promotion. You need to recognize that it’s no longer a single self-discipline but it has a variety of strategies (channels) that can involve in a digital marketing campaign.

In particular, digital marketing has the following channels:

  • Search Engine Marketing ;– covers two areas: search engine optimization (organic SEO) and paid search advertising.
  • Website Marketing ;– advertising your website on the internet.
  • Content Marketing ;– how to use unique contents in your digital advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Email Marketing ;– advertising products, services ,and offerings with the help of email.
  • Social Media Marketing ;– advertising and marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and various social media networks
  • Mobile Marketing;– advertising on the a variety of App Stores (Google Play, Apple Store)
  • Video Marketing ;– advertising and marketing on YouTube, Vimeo, and various video channels
  • Affiliate Marketing ;– making earning commissions with the aid of advertising third party’s products and services to get an affiliate commission.

A good digital marketing manager should have the essential skills to work with ALL the above channels.

Don’t get stressed, you don’t have to analyze the whole thing from day 1.

As you proceed through your digital marketing profession, you’ll get a lots of work with exclusive techniques, technologies, and tools, and eventually, the puzzle will be solved.

2. Start Your Own Website.

Once you get to understand the basics, the next step is to get your fingers painted and begin implementing digital marketing.

One of the excellent approaches to practice exclusive digital marketing concepts in the real world is to create your personal website.

Digital marketing is no longer a theoretical concept, however it’s relatively practical. It’s no longer sufficient to understand the concept behind SEO and social media marketing however you must be aware of how to follow the various strategies in practice.

Throughout your digital marketing career, you’ll be requested to promote unique products on their websites to either increase their organic traffic (SEO) or income via PPC and social media marketing.

To obtain the essential skills and confidence, create your personal website that will combine whole concepts.

In different words, set up a blog website and work on establishing your rankings and at the same time either create a product or discover a product to promote through marketing and attempt to make sales.

I understand that this technique will take time and if you are new to this, the mastering curve will be big, however it’s the only way to set a strong foundation for your career.

Having your personal website will no longer only assist you to analyze the unique ideas however you can use it as a case study to convince new employers or customers to have faith in you and ready for a proper contract or job.

When we appoint new digital marketing experts we don’t just seem their certifications however for the contender who can show their expertise and having a website with excessive rankings and site visitors is the exceptional way to do this.

3. Become An SEO Expert

You can’t pursue a profession in digital marketing if you are not good at SEO. You first practice to learn search engine optimization expert and then focus on other skills.

With search engine optimization you’ll analyze how to create websites that attract target audience and search engines love traffic. You can follow the identical concepts to scale your Google Ads and Facebook paid campaigns.

Build your SEO career gradually and when you feel confident that you have mastered the skills of SEO, then you can proceed with the rest.

The demand for digital systems has extended and as per some reports more than 50% users spent their times on social media. This provides are an excellent possibility for agencies to target these unique users. Many users are now shifting in the direction of GIG-based work (Freelance). Demand for exceptional freelancers has extended due to many restrictions on offline activities.

I hope after reading “Scope of digital marketing in India” you now have a clear picture of what opportunities are on hand for digital marketing professionals. You can study the course from expert trainers also.

4. Get A Google Ads Certification

Part of your job duties as a digital marketing strategist is to use Google Ads (previously recognized as Google AdWords), to promote products or services in number of Google properties and websites on the Internet.

The quickest way to accumulate the essential skills is to get a Google Ads certification. Google has a plethora of sources to assist you in turning out to be a Google AdWords Expert and getting a certification is an exceptional way to prove to your clients or prospect employers that you have the essential skills.

5. Master Facebook Ads Advertising

The subsequent step is to initiate with social media marketing and be specific with Facebook Ads. As a digital marketing specialist, you must be aware of how the various social media networks work (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn) however the majority of your time and marketing campaign budget, will be spent on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook without any doubt being an exceptional social network, is now one of the most essential tools for any digital marketing campaign.

Getting organic traffic on Facebook is getting tougher so the exclusive way to use Facebook as a promotional tool, is to learn how to use its marketing platform.

If you have already observed the steps above and have appropriate understanding of search engine marketing and Google Ads, gaining knowledge of how to use Facebook Ads will no longer be difficult.

Many of the standards are comparable with PPC however you don’t want to research how to use the device and familiarize yourself with the a number of Facebook policies.

6. Become An Expert In Google Analytics

Besides learning the different tools that can generate traffic, a digital marketing professional needs to know Analytics.

One of the main characteristics of any digital marketing campaign is that everything is measurable.

You know how many people viewed your campaigns, how many people clicked on your ads, how many conversions they generated, and a lot of other metrics that cover every aspect of a campaign.

To be able to make informed decisions based on real data, you need to know how to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and how to analyze the results.

Your starting point is becoming an expert in Google Analytics.

7. Get A Digital Marketing Job As A Freelancer.

The subsequent step in your professional direction to turning into a digital marketing expert is to get an actual digital marketing job.

Starting your personal website is a superb way to implement the various digital marketing strategies however doing digital marketing for a client, is a completely different story.

Handling client accounts will ‘force’ you to set up procedures, work on your analytics and reporting skills, learn how to manage budgets, and manage client communication.

You can use job portals like,, and to get digital marketing jobs.

If you are a beginner, begin with handy and speedy tasks first and progressively move into high GIG projects.

It’s tough for freelancers with no reviews to get a job assigned so make sure that you:

  • Read the job posting requirements with caution and reply to any questions.
  • Reply fast. A job application will collect lots of candidates so make sure that yours is on top of the list.
  • Keep your GIG with low and reasonable price. If you have no experience, you can’t expect a standard price. Your purpose at this stage is to attain experience so that you can make money later.

8. Get A Real Internship.

Another way to develop your knowledge and experience in the field of digital marketing is to get an actual job as a digital marketing assistant in an established agency.

This is exceptionally recommended due to the fact you will get to analyze how a modern digital marketing agency works and you can use some of their practices if you are focused to set your personal startup or be part of any other organization as a digital marketing expert.

Starting your professional career as a freelance marketer, without having working experience in a company, will be tough due to the fact you’ll have to figure out the whole thing from scratch.

As I cited above, working with customers is unique than doing digital marketing on your personal websites and if you don’t have the proper strategies in place, you will lose precious time in activities that are not ‘profitable’ and this will minimize your profits and revenue.

9. Stay Informed Of New Updates And Keep Learning.

Digital marketing strategies are changing all the time. Some digital entrepreneurs love this and some hate it, however it’s a reality that digital marketing is a fast-changing industry.

Google is deploying lots of adjustments associated to organic and paid searches per year, the Facebook algorithm is continuously changing and in general, the digital marketing field is extraordinarily dynamic.

This means that if you determine to follow a profession in digital marketing, you need to be aware of in advance that gaining knowledge of will be part of your DAILY activities.

I’ve been doing this for years now and each day I get to analyze something new. In fact, 20% of my time is spent on analyzing about industry updates and new developments, case studies, mastering new tools, and staying updated with modifications made in all digital marketing channels.

10. Learn How To Use Digital Marketing Tools

Besides mastering how to use Google analytics, you additionally need to analyze how to use various digital marketing tools.

When you climb up the ladder and turn out to be a digital marketing manager, you will have to control a crew of digital marketing specialists. The exclusive way to analyze their work and manage the progress of more than one projects at the same time is through tools.

A precise tool will permit you to create dashboards for all channels and significant reports to admin or clients.

There are plethora of suitable tools available, and even though they are not free, the monthly expense is an investment for your professional growth.


Starting a profession in digital marketing is a brilliant choice. There is elevated demand for digital marketing experts worldwide, the revenue is desirable (depending on experience) and it’s a job you can do on your personal comfort as a freelancer or by means of joining a digital marketing agency.

If you are beginning out now, your first challenge must be to work on your skills. Digital marketing is no longer a single aspect that you can learn through taking a course and then getting to work.

There are many disciplines that make up digital marketing and you must be a specialist in all of them if you desire to achieve the top spot of the pay scale.

The great way to learn digital marketing is to implement on your personal website. Create a blogging website and putting writing content. Spend time to master search engine optimization and then shift on to Google Ads and Facebook marketing.

If you have the possibility to be part of an established digital marketing company then do it. The exposure you will obtain working with specialists and on multiple projects will be invaluable.

If you desire to turn out to be self-employed or set up your personal digital marketing business, then start your career as a freelancer and progressively build your customers and expand your business.