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6 Most Important Reasons to Use WordPress in 2022

Among the Few initial questions that individuals often asked is: Why would I choose WordPress Website? Isn’t my website appealing? Why do I need to change to WordPress from another platform?

Then you’re at the right place if you’re asking these questions.

In this article, we shall discuss quite essential reasons that are important to choose WordPress. We’ll furthermore discuss all the types that are possible to establish with WordPress Blogs along with popular websites which are using WordPress.

Why you should use wordpress

Note: Throughout this article, as soon as we say WordPress, we’re dealing with word, also called open source self-hosted word press. Kindly try not to confuse this with which is a web hosting service. For facts, see the contrast of vs

One of the most common misconceptions about WordPress is that it is just a blogging platform.

But WordPress is so much more.

While WordPress blogs going just like a tool that is blogging it has evolved into a robust internet website builder and a robust information management program (CMS).

The best part about WordPress  would be that it is user-friendly and flexible sufficient to make different types of Websites, E-Commerce Store, as well as Web Applications. That’s the major reasons why word press has expanded a whole in the field of Web Development. In fact, according to a recent survey 48% of all of the websites on the web are developed by using WordPress.

Because of its enormous characteristics, the leading brands use WordPress to run their websites.

Let’s have a look at why should you choose WordPress to make your websites.

1.WordPress is Free as an Open Source.

Wordpress Free Open Source

Word press is actually an open source and completely free of cost software. It is free to download, install, use and alter to fit your requirements. You can use it to customize any type of website as per the clients requirements. To find out more, read the complete articles to know more about the possibility of WordPress.

Even though the WordPress software is of no-cost, there will be an only need of Web name i.e Domain and a hosting to host the website on the internet.

A website name could be the address of your website on the internet. For example the address of the website can be represented as .com, .in,, .net, .org, .gov, etc…

Hosting is the website’s store where all of your website data files stored.

To Choose Domain name I would like to highly recommend GoDaddy or Name Cheap to buy the domain name for the website. For the Web Hosting there are many to recommend such as Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc and the plans that suits your requirements.

2.WordPress Is Easy to Use

WP dashboard

Despite of the most versatile and powerful tool to develop websites, WordPress is quite easy to use for beginners.

It is possible to generate articles, design pages, customize the website layout, add navigation menus, E-Commerce Stores, Web Applications and a lot more.

WordPress makes it simple for the novices to design their particular web pages without having any technical hiccups.

Initially, you’ll getting news that the WordPress website frequently crashed due to regular updates of WordPress Version, Plugins Updates, Theme Updates, etc. To avoid these things you should take a backup of your website before updating the various versions. 

For backups, you will find outstanding WordPress backup plugins ( a lot of them tend to be free). They permit you to establish automated backups and store all of them on an isolated venue like yahoo Drive or Dropbox.

Eventually, there are concern about security. In WordPress you can customize the security level as per your requirements by using plugins such as WordFence Security Plugin. 

With the practice and focus in the right direction any one can learn to design professional website using WordPress and can earn money by providing valuable services.

There are lots of FREE Resources such as Naiyyer Sheikh Youtube Channel, Darrel Wilson Youtube Channel, WP Beginners, etc. Just need to follow the videos and implement to get perfections.

3.WordPress Is Completely Customizable

WordPress Templates

WordPress makes it easy for the novice website designers nor developers. In fact, most people initiate with WordPress without having any prior knowledge website designing.

For non-tech savvy people, WordPress is the solution for them to find several thousand no-cost web templates (design) to select. There are various WordPress themes for almost every sort of site in different niches ( whether or not it’s a blog, company website, or even an online store website).

Word press designs are easy to customize because a large amount of them include their options that are own enabling you to change colors, upload your logo design, change the credentials, establish stunning sliders, and really customize it to your specifications without writing any code.

As an example, Ocean WP is just a theme we often use, it is easy to create a professional-looking website even for beginners because of its templates. It has large number of ready-made templates that are conveniently personalized for almost any type of websites. For lots more advanced theme, you will find all of our premium paid templates to use at your WordPress Website. To expand and tailor the layout, you can utilize a drag-and-drop builder like Elementor to generate beautiful landing pages, marketing content, product landing content, and even more.

Ocean WP Theme

You can even add personalized usability to the WordPress webpages through the help of plugins. WordPress plugins are like apps for the website which you can use to include features that are advanced analytics, call types, account room, and much more.

Just like design, there are 1000s of complimentary and premium plugins available to work with. 

Apart from including additional functions, some WordPress plugins can let you change your website as a platform that is completely new. Being forced  to choose  from tens and thousands of plugins are intimidating, but there are many vital WordPress plugins that people advise for virtually any site:

A contact page plugin which means that  your customers can get in touch with you

An analytics plugin in order to observe most website visitors you’re acquiring

Search engines optimization plug-in so you can  get extra traffic from Bing

Next, you’ll need to pick additional plugins depending on the types of website creation that you’re. To obtain the most useful plugin for your requirements, you can always be hunting on Google, Youtube,, etc. a

WordPress Plugin Dashboard

4.WordPress Is SEO Friendly


The website that is best in the field won’t be described as a triumph when it does not have any site visitors or website visitors.

Luckily for us, WordPress is created with internet search engine site visitors in your mind.

Word press is created using code that is high-quality semantic markup. In non-geek terminology, this means Bing as well as other search engines like Google Search Engine.

This is the reason word press websites have a tendency to position more than other individuals on google.

To improve your site to get even more website traffic, we advise using a WordPress blogs Search Engine Optimization plug-in.

The recommended SEO plugins are Yoast or Rank Math to enhance the traffic on the website through Search Engine Optimization. You can check out the guidelines to set these plugins effectively on YouTube.

For comprehensive step-by-step instructions and expert suggestions to optimize your internet site, discover the finest word press Search Engine Optimization guidelines.

5.WordPress Is Safe and Secure


WordPress is safe and secured to run a website. The Security level can be enhanced by playing with some advance security plugin such as WordFence, etc.

Nevertheless, you can however perform a great deal to help make your website more secure from hackers, trojans, and other threats.

6.WordPress Is Here to Stay

WordPress Growth

That’s because as open-source software, it is maybe not kept by simply one company or person. Even though WordPress blogs disappear, anyone can merely fork their laws and introduce them having various identities in a matter of minutes.

Among the lesser-known factual statements about WordPress would be that it does not have a CEO. Title WordPress blogs are secure from the word press base, which is a non-profit business ensuring that WordPress continues to grow. There’s a powerful society of many people, builders, and small businesses behind word press. Like a people, they ensure that WordPress blogs will be here to stay for all the long-haul.

WordPress blogs have positive scores of customers worldwide. It’s available in much more than 53 dialects and influences hundreds of multilingual websites too.

What types of websites Can be developed with Word Press?

WordPress can be used in a lot of ways such as from a static website to an E – Commerce marketplaces and anything in between.

The following are just few examples of different types of websites with WordPress tool: 

Discover all of our complete list of different forms of sites you can make using WordPress.

We hope the above information helped you to understand about why you need WordPress tool to design the website in 2022.